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River Cruising – An Authentic Travel Experience

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Welcome to Journeys of a Lifetime Travel!

Are you frustrated and tired from spending hours researching online trying to plan your next  journey only to wonder if you are choosing the best travel experience you could possibly have?

Do you want to avoid the tourist traps when you travel but realize you don’t have insider scoop on where to go?

Are you eager to learn new things and have an authentic travel experience?

We are here to help make your vacation dreams a reality.

At Journeys of a Lifetime Travel, we create customized individual and group journeys that reflect our clients choices of enrichment experiences. Our goal is to provide our clients hassle free vacations that create memories to last a lifetime and to develop deeper understanding of our neighbors around the world through immersive experiences in other cultures.

At Journeys of a Lifetime Travel, our own lives have been changed by travel, and we’ve made it our mission to give our clients the same unforgettable experiences of a lifetime. We’ve traveled to Tahiti, gone on river cruises in Europe, witnessed the grandeur and beauty of Italy, and our memories live on in us. We are always looking to the horizon, wondering where we can go next to gain the experience to help make our clients future travels that much better.

Let us bring these once-in-a-lifetime experiences to you. Rather than signing up for cookie-cutter vacations that involve activities you’re not interested in or stressful scheduling that keeps you on the run and leaves you feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation, Journeys of a Lifetime Travel instead wants to help you design the ideal vacation for you.

With a travel advisor  you’ll receive the benefit of personalized vacation planning with the ability of just then being able to simply step on a plane and go.

We can help you plan:

Every trip you take is a reason to celebrate. Don’t wait until “someday” becomes “too late”. Get started with your overseas adventures now by filling out our TRIP REQUEST FORM. You are just a CALL or an E-MAIL away from your next Journey of a Lifetime!


“We travel not to escape life,
but for life not to escape us”

Ready to start your journey?