Islands of TahitiMore than a hundred islands make up the country of Tahiti, and each island has its own unique sights to see, things to do, and delicious food to eat — making it the perfect “island-hopping” destination! Which Tahitian island is the perfect choice for your vacation?

You have one hundred and eighteen islands to choose from, and we just don’t have space to detail each and every one. We’ve chosen just a few of our favorites to jump-start your vacation planning for your getaway to Tahiti.

Which Tahitian Island Matches Your Ideal Vacation?

First Off, Tahiti

With the capital city of Papeete (pronounced Papy-et-tay), Fa’a’a International Airport, and the largest population, the actual single island of Tahiti is the first spot you’ll see! Even if you’re planning to island-hop, it’s worth spending a couple of days just enjoying Tahiti itself!

You’re free to wander on your own, but we recommend scheduling time with a local tour guide. They’ll take you up into the mountains, and a good local guide can lead you to waterfalls, some hidden and some “off the beaten path”.

A night or two spent in a local hotel like the Hotel Sarah Nui or the “family guesthouse”-style spot Fare Suisse Tahiti allows you to relax and settle into an “island state of mind”.

Next Stop, Bora Bora

Odds are good you’ve heard of Bora Bora before, and for many travelers, it’s the one place they have in mind right from the start of planning a vacation in Tahiti.

There are plenty of luxury hotels and resorts in Bora Bora, allowing you to relax and enjoy planned resort activities or enjoying the sparkling blue waters and amazing local cuisine on your own. Visit the Bora Bora Lagoonarium to explore underwater wildlife or check out Mount Otemanu, an extinct volcano, for a truly dramatic photo opportunity.

In short, Bora Bora has something for everyone, and is a great island for a large family or multi-generational trip, since it allows individuals in the group to choose their own adventure without getting too far apart.

Rangiroa: Perfect for Divers and Secluded Escapes

Rangiroa is an island most known for its incredibly clear underwater views, with visibility in some spots going down nearly 150 feet. It’s popular with divers, but those who aren’t as comfortable in the water can choose to take a snorkeling adventure or to head out in a glass-bottomed boat.

Resorts are tucked in along the seemingly endless beaches, with ocean views just a few feet away greeting guests each and every morning.

Delicious restaurants with local food and scenic little villages with opportunities for shopping and simple relaxation make Rangiroa one of our favorite spots to spend time during a Tahitian getaway.

Moorea: Rugged Outdoor Adventures and “Island Time”

Are you the type who doesn’t want a lot of scheduled activities and is more interested in outdoor adventures and living on “island time”? Moorea may be the perfect Tahitian island for you.

It’s pretty close to Tahiti itself, only about a half-hour away on a ferry (or a seven-minute flight) from the main island. With less commercial buildup, its authentic, relaxed local culture is one of the biggest reasons vacationers love to visit. Head out on horseback to witness incredible views, or take an ATV on a trip to a local pineapple farm.

For those looking for just one island to spend a week or more enjoying, Moorea has so much to offer that you’ll never find yourself at a loss for something to do.

Besides, even if you do run out of activities, there’s no activity better during vacation than simply heading to the beach for a few hours of sand, sun, and rejuvenation.

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