The land Down Under beckons you… Listen to the you hear that?  It’s truly a shame Australia is so far away from the rest of the world because that just means so many miss out on the fun that can be had there. But not you, because your next vacation is going to be in Australia, right?

That’s great! Now, just have a read down below and your vacation should be smooth sailing all the way.

  • No City Center for You

This might be a bit of an oddity to you but Sydney, as big as it is, has no city center. In place of that are 10 very distinct villages (yes, villages!). The best thing about that though is how each of these districts has a character all on its own. Leave one district and set into another and it will feel as if you’re in a completely different country. It’s truly a unique and pleasant thing to experience.

With that said, when you’re not walking, we advise you to seek a car hire service based in Sydney. That way, you have all the time to explore these unique villages, among the many other places you can visit en route to your destination (we HIGHLY recommend the Blue Mountains).


  • Metro, Where Are You?

Yeah, this one might not sit too kindly with people used to commuting or taking trips via metro, because Sydney lacks a metro system. If you want to explore, there are buses, the light rail, ferries, and some good ol’ trains to cater to that.

So, it’s best if you carry around enough money to cover taxi and bus fares and whatnot. Better yet, why not just walk while you explore? That’s an experience on its too, you know. Besides, there are places better suited to exploring on foot rather than in a car.


As we said earlier, Sydney is a BIG place. You can walk as much as you want or ride around in your hired car, but to truly maximize your vacation, you’ll need the assistance of a travel agency like Journeys of a Lifetime Travel.

You can find us in Greenville, SC, or you can just contact us via our web platform. Or just hit us up on Facebook or any of our other social media platforms. Either way, contact us so that we can give you advice and book your trip across this vast and grand city.