New York is a great place that more than lives up to any visitor’s expectation. This is a simple and clearly undeniable fact, but the city is not without dangers. Don’t get us wrong; it’s an extremely safe city, but it would be best if you avoided certain scenarios and know the right decisions to make, lest you put yourself in trouble or a difficult situation.

  • Be Alert When at the Airport – Regardless which of New York’s airports you land in-be it JFK, Newark or LaGuardia-your luggage should always be with you.  Never leave it unattended, and be wary of strangers who offer to carry your bags; and be extra careful of people who meet you at the airport and try to entice with a ride or a taxi deal that seems too much of a bargain to be real.
  • Be Wary of Unmarked Taxis – Speaking of taxis, do not get into any cab that isn’t marked. New York taxis are all identified. That’s proof of their credibility and trusted service.  Simply look for the ID number on the hood of the car, or check and the light atop the hood that shows the driver’s medallion number.  If the taxi has neither of these, stay away from it and opt for services like Uber instead.
  • Know the Hotel to Lodge In – With over 1000,000 hotel rooms in New York, you will never be short of options to choose from. But some of those options are better and safer than others. Read up on hotel reviews and learn as much as you can about the neighborhood the hotel is sited at.  And if it’s your first time in New York, don’t dilly-dally when you leave the airport. Head straight to the hotel with your luggage. You know almost nothing about the city so you’re in no position to immediately start exploring.  In the hotel, put anything you consider valuable in a safe place. And acquaint yourself with the front desk. Don’t ever open your door to anyone until you’re sure who is on the other side. If it’s not housekeeping, don’t open it.

Having said all that, don’t let what we said frighten you. You don’t have to keep looking over your shoulder every minute you’re in New York. We’re just giving you precautions to take so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest and maximize the fun you’re going to have.

Lifetime Travel in Greenville, SC, is eager to make sure your vacation to New York goes well and without any hiccups, which is why we advise you to heed these safety tips. With that said, put on your fun hat and go out there and let the Big Apple drown you with an amazing experience like you’ve never had.