Why Sydney, you might ask? Australia is a large place and there are many cities you can explore, so why Sydney? For one, it’s the oldest, largest and definitely the most beautiful of all the Australian cities. And need we mention its many attractions? Like the infamous Opera building that is synonymous with Australia?

The list of places is long one so we’ll tell you the ones you shouldn’t dare miss visiting. Sydney is a social and cultural mosaic, so there’s never a shortage of things to do or places to see.


  • Opera House

Yes, everyone has seen images of the famed Opera House, but how many of those people have actually seen it upfront? This grand structure is a World Heritage Site. With its one-in-a-million shell-shape design and the fact it was erected atop a land surrounded by water, it should be a thing of fiction, but it isn’t.

Simply seeing it from outside is enough to satiate you but going on its extensive tours is the real the icing on the cake. You will see a concert hall, theatres, a cinema and much more. Be quick to book a Sydney Opera House Guided Walking Tour when you get there. It will be well worth your time and money.


  • Sydney Harbor Bridge

Before the Opera House, there was the Harbor Bridge. It may have been supplanted by the former in terms of fame and recognition but that doesn’t take away anything from this magnificent landmark.

This bridge is the biggest steel arch bridge in the world. You can join dozens of other tourists in ascending the BridgeClimb and be met with an astonishing panorama of the diverse city and harbor at the top. You can already picture the brilliant sight in your head, can’t you?

There is a museum in the southeastern pier which holds all the history you need about bridge’s construction. It’s worth a visit too, especially if you’re a history buff.


  • Harbor Cruises

Circular Quay is Sydney’s prime ferry terminal. If you’re looking for a place made lively by street performers, cafes and restaurants, make your way to Circular Quay.

As fun as the quay may seem, the harbor cruise is its main attraction. We recommend the very popular Sydney Harbor Coffee Cruise. It lasts for 2 hours and is one of the best experiences you can have while in Sydney.

And when you’re back from the cruise, Circular Quay also gives easy access to the Royal Botanic Gardens and Sydney Harbor Bridge, two more places you can spend hours admiring and learning about.


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