As a travel agent in Greenville, South Carolina, we plan trips for passengers all over the world.  Whether you’re wanting to go on a fabulous river cruise down the Danube or have your honeymoon in Tahiti, more than likely you’ll need to fly on an airplane to your destination.  Most travelers don’t think that there shampoo may explode under pressure in their suitcase or that they’ll lose a valuable camera if they pack it..but it happens.

Here are 5 things that you should never pack in a checked bag.


  • Valuable Items – Never pack anything in your checked bag that has a high monetary or personal value. You should always get insurance on suitcases that you have no choice but to check so that if the items are stolen out of your bag you are covered.  Airline employees get paid minimum wage and if someone is hurting for money they may use the opportunity of a “security check” to open your bag and take your valuables.  Also, don’t pack any documentation that you’ll need once you arrive, like your hotel or car rental information.  Take out laptops, prescription medications and things like your smartphone.  When you return from a trip, don’t pack your pricey souvenirs.  If you can’t take them on the plane with you, consider sending them home via USPS or FedEx.


  • Anything on the TSA Prohibited List – We’ve heard of people going to visit his mother and was going to cut up some firewood for her while there. So, he put his chainsaw in a box, duct taped it well and try to check it as luggage.  An hour later, he got a call from TSA telling him that he needed to come get his chainsaw because it’s a prohibited item on the TSA checked bag list.  Therefore, check the TSA prohibited items list if you’re questioning whether your lithium batteries used in cameras are checkable items…because they’re not.  Other items people don’t think will be on the list are electronic cigarettes and matches.  If you’re questioning an item, here’s a link to check it out on the TSA prohibited items list:


  • Lose Liquids – So many times a traveler will arrive their destination only to find that there shampoo, lotion and conditioner has spilled all over their clothing.  Now they’re spending the first day of vacation doing laundry in a city that they more than likely don’t know.  This is an easy fix; wrap your liquids in a plastic bag and then wrap the bags with duct tape.  If you leave a little bit of air in the bags then the pressure from the plane and other items that have shifted during the flight won’t squish them and squeeze the liquids out in the first place.


  • Don’t Pack All of Your Clothes in Your Checked Bag – What would you do if you got to the airport at your destination only to find that your bag is lost?  No trip to the beach for you if your swimming suit was in your bag.  Or you’re flying to a business meeting and your business suit was in the lost bag?  Its extra frustration that can easily be avoided if you just carry on with you the items that you’ll need the day of travel.


If you have any questions as to what you should pack for your trip, please ask us.  And if you’re still looking to book your dream vacation, please schedule an appointment with us and let’s talk.  We’re a full service travel agency in Greenville, South Carolina and have been doing it for a while.  If you have questions about a destination we more than likely have been there and can answer any of your questions as well as book your trip.  We look forward to working with you.