outdoor excursions in TahitiA getaway to Tahiti is about far more than simply relaxing on pristine beaches or waking up each day in your oceanfront bungalow. You also have access to some of the most breathtaking natural beauty that exists on Planet Earth, and it’s worth taking advantage of this opportunity of a lifetime to get up close and personal with some of Tahiti’s awe-inspiring landscape.

We’ve put together 5 can’t-miss excursions to see Tahiti’s natural beauty for you — whether your ideal vacation looks like snorkeling in a lagoon or hiking up a mountain, we have the perfect outdoor excursions for your Tahitian vacation.

Can’t-Miss Excursions to See Tahiti’s Natural Beauty

1. Aorai Mountain: A Long Hike With a Great Reward

Mt. Aorai is one of Tahiti’s tallest peaks, and only serious mountain-climbers tend to attempt the two-day hike to the summit. However, many companies offer a shorter one-day hike that climbs up nearly two-thirds of the way to about 1400 meters.

Hiking Aorai Mountain is an excursion best done by those who have experience hiking long uphill distances and don’t mind packing their own food and drink for the trip.

Shorter hikes can also be arranged that allow you to experience the mountain without having to worry about truly difficult hiking conditions.

2. Snorkeling in Punaauia

While Punaauia’s shoreline is located in one of the busier, more well-developed parts of the main island, its beaches open into a large lagoon with sparkling clear waters that provide the perfect opportunity for a laid-back snorkeling experience.

Head into the water and meet stingrays, small sharks, clownfish, angelfish, and many other species of the marine animal up close and personal. During the winter (from July to October), you can even enjoy some whale-spotting.

Punaauia is perfect for families and multi-generational groups looking for an outdoor excursion that everyone can enjoy. For more intense snorkeling experiences, just let us know.

3. 4×4 Day Tours: Experience It All

Many different tour guide companies offer their own unique take on this outdoor experience. In a 4WD vehicle designed to handle Tahiti’s sometimes rough terrain, you’ll head into the heart of the main island and visit waterfalls, archaeological spots, get a look at Tahiti’s natural landscapes and stop to take in the views.

Local guides will regale your group with Tahitian legends that explain how everything in these beautiful islands came to be. If you are able to pick only one outdoor experience for your vacation to Tahiti, this would be it!

4. The Petroglyphs of Te Pari

Nearly hidden on a peninsula that is only accessible by a guided hike using experienced excursion guides or by boat, the petroglyphs of Te Pari will be an experience you’ll be thinking about for the rest of your life.

One of the only Tahitian excursions where it is possible to combine mountain, river, and ocean views all at once, the hike can prove difficult to those who are not experienced. Those who have gone, however, have said they could not imagine missing out on this incredible protected landscape, with a series of natural sites combining flatlands, river mouths, cliffside petroglyphs made by ancient Tahitians, pebble beaches, and unusual rocky crevices vibrating with sound.

If Te Pari sounds like an adventure you don’t want to miss, be sure to work with a travel agent to ensure you hike out with a professional guide who can give you the best possible experience.

5. Visit Coral Reefs in Rangiroa

On the south side of Rangiroa, you’ll find Reef Island, dotted with ‘feo’ coral formations that have been weathered by erosion and petrified over time. Surrounded by basins of water that make for perfect swimming pools, this is the perfect type of outdoor excursions for those who like to take some time to relax and enjoy the water.

If you choose to head out to view coral reefs, be sure to keep an eye out for visits from dolphins, who have been spotted many times swimming near the tour boats in the Tiputa Pass.

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