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At Journeys of a Lifetime Travel we feel it is our mission to inspire you to get out and experience the world. The reality is most of us always plan to make time for those wonderful journeys ‘someday’, and then most of the time ‘someday’ gets pushed off until it is too late. There is always an obligation to attend to, or a pressing financial need. Sometimes health gets in the way, and by then the chance to fulfill your travel dreams will be gone. We would love our clients to take advantage of their health while they can and get out and experience the world in a way that makes them feel alive!

When a foreign country deeply touches you, the memory of that experience can live forever. That is what we aim to accomplish for you when we design our individual and group journeys. As travel consultants we understand from our own personal experiences how much travel uplifts our spirits, how inspiring it is to get out there and explore the worlds wonders, and most importantly create lifetime memories you will never forget. We would love to make that happen for you!

At Journeys of a Lifetime Travel, we create amazing adventures and distinctive travel experiences for people who want to find deeper, more meaningful connections with their fellow travelers, the locals at the places they visit, and with the destination itself.

We use the knowledge that we have gained from our own travels and the continuing education we require of ourselves to create memories that will last a lifetime. We create travel that makes you say “WOW, that was incredible”. Our goal with each client is to allow them to experience beautiful and memorable vacations.

Journeys of a Lifetime Travel will handle all the details for you.

We will take the time to understand your needs, you can trust that we have the connections and expertise to pull it all together for you. We listen carefully to what your travel dreams are and put together an itinerary with just the right combination of cultural experiences and sightseeing for you as well as adding in the downtime that you need for simply enjoying the beautiful locations that you have traveled to. We will exceed your expectations and give you the travel experience you deserve.

If this resonates with you then we welcome you to  CONTACT US  to plan the journey with your loved ones and friends that you have always dreamed of, or invite you on one of our next group trips.

If not now, when?