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3 Tourist Attractions in Sydney Australia That You Do Not Want to Miss

Why Sydney, you might ask? Australia is a large place and there are many cities you can explore, so why Sydney? For one, it’s the oldest, largest and definitely the most beautiful of all the Australian cities. And need we mention its many attractions? Like the infamous Opera building that is synonymous with Australia?

The list of places is long one so we’ll tell you the ones you shouldn’t dare miss visiting. Sydney is a social and cultural mosaic, so there’s never a shortage of things to do or places to see.


  • Opera House

Yes, everyone has seen images of the famed Opera House, but how many of those people have actually seen it upfront? This grand structure is a World Heritage Site. With its one-in-a-million shell-shape design and the fact it was erected atop a land surrounded by water, it should be a thing of fiction, but it isn’t.

Simply seeing it from outside is enough to satiate you but going on its extensive tours is the real the icing on the cake. You will see a concert hall, theatres, a cinema and much more. Be quick to book a Sydney Opera House Guided Walking Tour when you get there. It will be well worth your time and money.


  • Sydney Harbor Bridge

Before the Opera House, there was the Harbor Bridge. It may have been supplanted by the former in terms of fame and recognition but that doesn’t take away anything from this magnificent landmark.

This bridge is the biggest steel arch bridge in the world. You can join dozens of other tourists in ascending the BridgeClimb and be met with an astonishing panorama of the diverse city and harbor at the top. You can already picture the brilliant sight in your head, can’t you?

There is a museum in the southeastern pier which holds all the history you need about bridge’s construction. It’s worth a visit too, especially if you’re a history buff.


  • Harbor Cruises

Circular Quay is Sydney’s prime ferry terminal. If you’re looking for a place made lively by street performers, cafes and restaurants, make your way to Circular Quay.

As fun as the quay may seem, the harbor cruise is its main attraction. We recommend the very popular Sydney Harbor Coffee Cruise. It lasts for 2 hours and is one of the best experiences you can have while in Sydney.

And when you’re back from the cruise, Circular Quay also gives easy access to the Royal Botanic Gardens and Sydney Harbor Bridge, two more places you can spend hours admiring and learning about.


You see what we mean when we said there’s a long list of things for you to do in Sydney? If you wish to know even more of the activities you can engage in, Journeys of a Lifetime Travel in Greenville, SC, will be happy to give you some ideas.

More than that, we’ll help you organize the entire vacation. Get a great head start by securing the services of people who know Australia like the back of their palm. Journeys of a Lifetime Travel is the only call you need to make to get you to the land Down Under.


2 Surprising Things You Should Know Before Visiting Australia

The land Down Under beckons you… Listen to the you hear that?  It’s truly a shame Australia is so far away from the rest of the world because that just means so many miss out on the fun that can be had there. But not you, because your next vacation is going to be in Australia, right?

That’s great! Now, just have a read down below and your vacation should be smooth sailing all the way.

  • No City Center for You

This might be a bit of an oddity to you but Sydney, as big as it is, has no city center. In place of that are 10 very distinct villages (yes, villages!). The best thing about that though is how each of these districts has a character all on its own. Leave one district and set into another and it will feel as if you’re in a completely different country. It’s truly a unique and pleasant thing to experience.

With that said, when you’re not walking, we advise you to seek a car hire service based in Sydney. That way, you have all the time to explore these unique villages, among the many other places you can visit en route to your destination (we HIGHLY recommend the Blue Mountains).


  • Metro, Where Are You?

Yeah, this one might not sit too kindly with people used to commuting or taking trips via metro, because Sydney lacks a metro system. If you want to explore, there are buses, the light rail, ferries, and some good ol’ trains to cater to that.

So, it’s best if you carry around enough money to cover taxi and bus fares and whatnot. Better yet, why not just walk while you explore? That’s an experience on its too, you know. Besides, there are places better suited to exploring on foot rather than in a car.


As we said earlier, Sydney is a BIG place. You can walk as much as you want or ride around in your hired car, but to truly maximize your vacation, you’ll need the assistance of a travel agency like Journeys of a Lifetime Travel.

You can find us in Greenville, SC, or you can just contact us via our web platform. Or just hit us up on Facebook or any of our other social media platforms. Either way, contact us so that we can give you advice and book your trip across this vast and grand city.


How to Get Ready for a Vacation to Brazil

As a full service travel agency in Greenville, South Carolina, our job is to ensure your vacation to Brazil is everything you hoped that it will be.  Don’t worry, it will with us booking it.

Now that you’ve decided on a trip to Brazil, what do you do to make sure your stay in Brazil is as memorable as you hope it will be? We’ve taken the time to put down a list of tips you should be mindful of before you go on your way.


  • How Do I Say, “Hi?”

Olá! That’s “hello” in Portuguese but you’ll need to know more than that to be able to communicate with the locals. You don’t have to force yourself to learn the entire language but at least know the basics. Trust us, it will come in handy, because not every area in Brazil is filled with tourists that speak your language.


  • Where Do I Go?

Brazil is a vast land with no shortage of places to go. It’s impossible for you to see everything in a week or two, so pick destinations based on your interests, or maybe activities you want to try.

For instance, places like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are staple centers for night parties and wild nights, while Salvador is the place to be if you intend to relax on beaches and take in the brilliant scenery.


  • Are Those Rain Clouds?

It’s always a good idea to look up Brazil’s weather before heading out.  Like most places, it tends to vary based on the area you’re visiting. Having said that, the weather is mostly mild so we advise you to bring light clothes. Conversely, many areas are tropical too, so rain gear should be part of your luggage.


  • Are they All Booked?

This one’s very important. Jungle lodges and pousadas are fun to stay in if you want to truly immerse yourself into the Brazilian culture.  Of course, there’s also 5 star resorts if a piece of luxury is your cup of tea.

You can book this yourself but without the knowledge of which locations are safe and will give you exactly what you want, it could be a frustrating task.  Don’t worry, leave that to the experts.  Journeys of a Lifetime Travel in Greenville, SC, is your all-in-one solution to travel arrangements for a vacation in Brazil. You got questions? No worries, because we got answers!  Why not call one of the best travel agencies in Greenville, South Carolina and we’ll book everything you need for an unforgettable trip to Brazil?


What You Should Do If You Leave Something on an Airplane

We meet with hundreds of travelers a year leaving Greenville, South Carolina.  Some common issues that arise are easily fixed when you have the knowledge to do so.  One of those things is what to do if you leave something of value on the airplane.  As your full service travel agency in Greenville, South Carolina, we want to help.

Here’s a blog article that will give some practical guidance on what to do if this happens to you:

  • After you leave the airport – Most of the time it’s not until after you leave the airport that you realize that you don’t have your iPhone. Thank goodness that you’re a smart traveler and downloaded a tracking app on it so that you can see it’s still in the pocket of the seat on the airplane.  What should you do?  Call the airline.  They will direct you to their online help desk where you can file a claim and if someone finds it then they’ll get it returned to you.


  • Before you leave the airport – If you’re still behind the security gates when you realize that you’ve left it, quickly beeline back to the gate. More than likely the airplane cleaning crew has found it and turned it into the gate attendants.  If you didn’t realize that you left it until you’ve already gone through the security gate then you’ll need to head on over to the carriers baggage department customer service desk and let them know which flight you were on and what seat you were sitting in.  That way they can call up to the gate and have them check for it.

Leaving something on the airplane can be a very stressful situation..especially if it’s something as important as your iPhone.  As your travel agency of choice, we’re here to help.  We want to ensure that you have the best experience possible and whether it’s getting you the customer service phone numbers or calling them ourselves, we’re here for you.

Why not leave your cares and troubles in our hands and let us book your vacation in the first place?  We’re ready to ensure that your trip is as stress free as possible.


4 Countries With Great U.S Dollar Exchange Rates

As a full service travel agency in Greenville, South Carolina, we’re constantly looking for destinations that will give our clients that best experiences.  One of those experiences may be going to a place where the U.S dollar is strong and exchange rate favorable.

So, in order to get your travel bug a bitin’, we thought to list 4 countries where the U.S dollar will get you quite a bit more than other destinations..if you’re curious about that sort of thing:


  • Vietnam – Not only is Vietnam one of the most beautiful destinations you’ll ever see, the 2019 Backpacker Index lists Hanoi and Saigon as the top most affordable cities to travel to in 2019. We have a list of hotels that you may be interested in staying at that will put you right in the middle of things and yet get you a great exchange rate.


  • Peru – Peru is known for it’s award winning food, incredible archeological sites and beautiful Machu Picchu, of course.  If you’ve ever wanted to check out Peru, then this is the year to do so.  With a favorable exchange rate, we can book you in some great hotels and tours for less than you’d think.  For example, the JW Marriott El Convento Cusco is a great base camp for a trip to Machu Picchu.  Then return for a great on-site spa treatment at the hotel.


  • Costa Rica – If white sand beaches and incredibly vibrant rainforests sound like your cup of tea, then a trip to Costa Rica is for you. Not only will you be immersed in beauty, but the exchange rate is predicted to fall 5.2 percent in 2019.  Not bad!  We have some great hotel accommodation recommendations in Costa Rica that will put you right in the center of rainforests teaming with over 100 species of wildlife, including monkeys.  Wouldn’t that be a fun experience for the kids?


  • Dominican Republic – This destination has a reputation for 5 star, all-inclusive resorts that are reasonably priced. The Domican Republic is a great family destination because  places like the Dreams Punta Cana Resort and Spa has things for every age group to enjoy.  Situated on a white sand beach, the blue water and kids clubs doesn’t come at a premier price.  Music to many parents ears when there are a bunch of kids to pay for.



Regardless of where you want to go, we’re the travel agency that can get you there.  We have several other recommendations and we’re also very good at helping you navigate the resorts, flights and tours available in every country.  Why not schedule a consultation by clicking here and let’s talk about your next adventure?


4 Ways to Gain Access to Airport Lounges During a Long Layover

As a full service travel agency in Greenville, South Carolina, we often get asked if there’s a way to access the airport lounges when a traveler has a longer than normal layover.

There are ways to do and we wanted to share those tricks with you here on our blog:


  1. Buy a Day Pass – There are a few airlines who offer day passes to their airport lounges, for a fee of course. For example, American Airlines charges $59 for access to their airport lounge and United does too.  Some airports also provide a public airport lounge that you can purchase access to.  Just let us know when we book your airline tickets that you’re interested in purchasing lounge access and we’ll fill you in on the tricks for the airports that you’re laying over in.
  2. Get a Credit Card that Offers Lounge Access Perks – There are several airline credit cards with perks and one of those is airport lounge access. For example, the American Express Platinum Card gives you access to hundreds of different airport lounges worldwide.  They will have the exact locations and we can get that for you as well.
  3. Reach Elite Status as a Frequent Flyer – Every domestic and international airline offers a frequent flyer program and one of the perks offered for traveling with them over and over again is access to their airport lounges. As your travel agent, we make it our aim to book all of your flights on the airlines that you typically travel so that you can gain perks like this.  If we’re new to you and booking a river cruise or family getaway, please let us know if you prefer one airline over another and we’ll be sure to book tickets on that airline for you and yours.
  4. Purchase Access from a Third Party – If you don’t meet any of the above scenarios, then you may want to think about using a third party. One company that I’m thinking about in particular is called Priority Pass.  They offer access to more than 1,200 airport lounges worldwide.  Of course, they charge but there are several membership levels to choose from.  The most popular one is the one that offers a $99 membership plus $32 every time you access one of their network lounges.  That way if you’re not planning to travel more than once a year you can save money using this pass.  However, if you plan to travel several times a year, then you may want to consider their $429 per year plan.  That gives you unlimited access to all of the airport lounges in their network and can save quite a bit of money over the trip by trip plan.


Regardless as to how you gain access to airport lounges, we’re here to help.  Booking your river cruise, trip to Tahiti or other vacation with the best possible flight schedule and as stress-free as possible is our top priority.  Why not schedule a consultation by clicking here and let’s chat about your next trip?


3 Things to Consider While Traveling As a Family

Traveling as a family is an exciting experience no matter how young or not so young you may be and no matter if you travel for one weekend or weeks at a time.  There’s something energizing and beautiful about packing your bags and going out into the unknown to discover a new place – or revisit an old one.  And yet, when you are traveling with your family, you want to make sure your destination is very well-chosen – precisely because you want to make sure everyone finds this trip as exciting as you do.

How to choose the best family destination for your next vacation?  Here are some tips to consider.

  • Safety – Sure, every place poses risks – from the political ones to the climate-related ones – but before you book your trip, you want to make sure you assess everything and plan accordingly. As a full service travel agency in Greenville, South Carolina we will help give you advice.
  • Activities for each child –  If you have more than one kid and you want to make sure everyone is happy on vacation, you should consider the ages of your children. While the youngest ones will be happy with just playing around (and maybe socializing with kids their age), the older ones might want to be a bit more entertained on the trip – so you want to find great activities and sightseeing for them to engage in (and actually like). We will help you choose the right cruise ship, tropical island or all inclusive resort to ensure everyone is happy.
  • Activities for the adults – Traveling is about relaxation and re-charging your “batteries” as a parent. After all, parenting is the most important job in the world.  And if your cup isn’t full, then you can’t fill that of your children’s.  Every place in the world is magical and amazing and attractive in its own way – but when you choose a family destination, you also want to make sure you as the adults will be entertained without leaving your kids out of sight. Believe it or not, there are excellent locations you can choose when it comes to this!  Don’t worry, we’ll help.


If you’re still looking for the perfect family travel destination and travel agency in Greenville, South Carolina, please schedule an appointment and let’s talk.  We’ve been booking family based vacations that leaves everyone feeling refreshed and closer for years and we’re ready to help your family too.