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“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

– Andre Gide

Cruises remain an enduringly popular way to travel, and for good reason. Whether you’re cruising on the ocean, through world-renowned river systems, or simply cruising along the coastlines, time on a ship is time to truly relax and enjoy the act of travel.

At Journeys of a Lifetime Travel, we offer multiple cruise options designed to suit your individual cruising style and what type of cruise you’re searching.

What’s Your Cruise Style?

Ocean Cruises

Traditional ocean cruises can take you to islands in the Caribbean or to visit beautiful European cities and beyond. Enjoy onboard entertainment in-between stops at new destinations, as well as offshore excursions and activities that can accommodate an adventurous individual or the whole family!

(Plus, let’s never forget the excellent food prepared by top-of-the-line chefs, designed to provide an unforgettable dining experience for every palate!)

With the perfect ocean cruise, the destinations are only half the fun—the other half is the time you spend on the ship heading there.

River Cruises

River cruises are best for those more interested in a slower-moving cruise vacation. With itineraries often designed to take 10-14 days and smaller ships that allow more personalized service and excursions, you’ll travel along some of the world’s most famous rivers.

Experience authentic local cuisine and culture at each stop, along with onboard educational opportunities and excellent cuisine to rival the finest restaurants.

Smaller ships allow for a more intimate and personal experience where you can truly immerse yourself in many different destinations. Get started booking your River Cruise right here.

Luxury and Small-Ship Cruise Lines

These cruises take everything one step further, from personalized onboard service to stimulating enrichment programs to more exotic destinations and more.

With as few as 36 passengers at a time, the low passenger-to-crew ratio allows for unparalleled personal service and experiences. Plus, the elegantly-designed staterooms and butler services will let you travel in luxury and style!

Visit Norway to see the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights. Cruise the islands of New England at their most beautiful. Visit Hawaii to swim with Giant Manta Rays and snorkel with sea turtles. Travel to the Galapagos and witness unbridled diversity in wildlife. Whatever small ship cruise you’re dreaming of, odds are good we have the perfect option to suit, so contact us today and let us know where you’d like to go.

Whether you’re interested in ocean cruising, want to travel along the Danube or another famous river, or you’re looking for a truly luxury or small-ship experience, Journeys of a Lifetime will build the right experience for you. Schedule an appointment online, or fill out the form below to request a cruise trip now!

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