Journeys of a Lifetime Travel

Group Travel

There are many wonderful benefits of traveling with a group.  You can choose to  travel with old friends or make new friends, group travel is a great way to reconnect or get to know new travelers. Most resorts and cruise lines offer some special amenities for groups.

There is safety in group travel. It is much safer to travel in numbers when in an unfamiliar place, and you can rely on your guide’s expertise and knowledge about the foreign land you are visiting. Individual travel can sometimes be a challenge when you must deal with language barriers, foreign currencies,  transportation systems, or different customs. When you travel in a group, this is all simplified as the group leader is usually a native or one who’s familiar with the culture. If there is no leader, you can work together as a group to assess difficult situations.

Journeys of a Lifetime Travel coordinates with our destination specialists that are the best in the business. Our job is to make your dreams come true. Whatever your groups preferences are we can design an unforgettable trip. Let one of our professional travel representatives inspire your next group gathering!

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” -African Proverb