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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” -African Proverb

Traveling with a group of people whose ages range from 4 to 84, and you’re looking for a travel plan that can take everyone’s different abilities and interests into account? Is your professional group multigenerational and you’re concerned about putting together a trip that doesn’t leave anyone out?

Are you a member of a professional or educational group that needs to attend a conference or gain further units for continuing education and you’re interested in cutting costs, but don’t want to lose out on opportunities for personal growth?

Designing a vacation or travel experience as a career incentive within your workplace, or a fundraising opportunity for a nonprofit or other organization? Are you part of a group of women who are interested in vacation plans designed around unique experiences geared towards women-only excursions and activities?

Journeys of a Lifetime is here to help!

Group vacations take some extra effort to plan, since they need to be designed to suit many different people who might be interested in different activities. Simply booking online could leave one individual miserable while everyone else has fun, or include just one person getting to do everything they enjoy while the rest of the group feels left out.

We don’t just check a few boxes and serve up a bland, boring cookie-cutter vacation that probably won’t be “just right” for anyone. Instead, we make it a point to get to know you and everyone else in your group, designing each and every individual experience around a personal itinerary that takes into account abilities, interests, and unique needs.

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