As a full service travel agency in Greenville, South Carolina, our job is to ensure your vacation to Brazil is everything you hoped that it will be.  Don’t worry, it will with us booking it.

Now that you’ve decided on a trip to Brazil, what do you do to make sure your stay in Brazil is as memorable as you hope it will be? We’ve taken the time to put down a list of tips you should be mindful of before you go on your way.


  • How Do I Say, “Hi?”

Olá! That’s “hello” in Portuguese but you’ll need to know more than that to be able to communicate with the locals. You don’t have to force yourself to learn the entire language but at least know the basics. Trust us, it will come in handy, because not every area in Brazil is filled with tourists that speak your language.


  • Where Do I Go?

Brazil is a vast land with no shortage of places to go. It’s impossible for you to see everything in a week or two, so pick destinations based on your interests, or maybe activities you want to try.

For instance, places like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are staple centers for night parties and wild nights, while Salvador is the place to be if you intend to relax on beaches and take in the brilliant scenery.


  • Are Those Rain Clouds?

It’s always a good idea to look up Brazil’s weather before heading out.  Like most places, it tends to vary based on the area you’re visiting. Having said that, the weather is mostly mild so we advise you to bring light clothes. Conversely, many areas are tropical too, so rain gear should be part of your luggage.


  • Are they All Booked?

This one’s very important. Jungle lodges and pousadas are fun to stay in if you want to truly immerse yourself into the Brazilian culture.  Of course, there’s also 5 star resorts if a piece of luxury is your cup of tea.

You can book this yourself but without the knowledge of which locations are safe and will give you exactly what you want, it could be a frustrating task.  Don’t worry, leave that to the experts.  Journeys of a Lifetime Travel in Greenville, SC, is your all-in-one solution to travel arrangements for a vacation in Brazil. You got questions? No worries, because we got answers!  Why not call one of the best travel agencies in Greenville, South Carolina and we’ll book everything you need for an unforgettable trip to Brazil?