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Luxury and Small Ship Cruising

“The great difference between voyages rests not with the ships, but the people you meet on them” Amelia E. Barr

For a superior cruise experience, nothing can entice a traveler more than one of the luxury cruise lines. Exotic voyages to far flung locations, stimulating enrichment programs, outstanding shore excursions, first rate customer service, low passenger to crew ratio, and elegantly designed staterooms and ships with personalized butler service. Just pure heaven!

The decision of which line to choose can be a difficult one. Let Journeys of a Lifetime Travel help you find the one that will fit your needs perfectly.


If Adventure is more your style, let’s talk about the many Small Ship cruise lines that you might not even be aware of that will give you an adventure of a lifetime! You can cruise the Great American Waterways, the Islands of New England, Lake Michigan, Cruise to Cuba, or Cruise in Hawaii with only 36 passengers, doing a night swim there with Giant Pacific Manta Rays and snorkel at a sea turtle habitat.

You can visit the land of the Midnight Sun in Norway and see the Northern lights and their beautiful fjords. Or you can visit Galapagos and have an unparalleled wildlife experience.

Let’s talk! Journeys of a Lifetime Travel will find the right Small Ship cruise experience for you!

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