Journeys of a Lifetime Travel

Multigenerational Groups

Traveling as a group with your family will certainly offer long lasting memories and strengthen the bonds you have that already exist. We’ve put together many family groups over the years, so don’t burden yourself with trying to work out all the many details. Journeys of a Lifetime Travel is here to do that for you!

We will coordinate everything from the initial planning until the end of your trip. We handle everything from creating a group flyer to coordinating dinner plans. Do you want a venue to get together to share family memories or just to catch up from your last get together? Do you want to charter a snorkeling boat on a Caribbean island? We can do that for you too!

Traveling as a group is a great way to reunite the family. Whether its eight staterooms on a ship, or having enough people to fill an entire resort, we will work with you so you can enjoy the maximum benefits of being together with your family.

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