European River CruisesOver the past few years, river cruising has become one of the most popular adventure vacation options out there.

All-inclusive gourmet feasts, varied wine, and other beverage selections, stunning landscapes, and a wide variety of cultural experiences are just a few of the many reasons why river cruising is held in such high regard. Whether you’re a couple looking for a romantic getaway, a family in need of a new experience, or you just want to travel the world yourself to see what other cultures have in store, it’s worth considering a European river cruise.

From the Rhine river to the Danube, we’re going to take a look at some of the top rivers in Europe to enjoy amazing architecture, scenery, entertainment, and education during a once in a lifetime river cruise experience.

The Rhine River

Beginning in the breathtaking mountains of Switzerland, flowing down through the cities of Germany, and finally, to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Cruising along the Rhine has been a prime vacation getaway for years because of the amazing views and multi-country stopping points. If watching century-old castles with towering spires, quaint European villages in the countryside and sprawling cities full of history drift by sounds like fun to you, a cruise along the Rhine is an ideal way to get a break from the mundane and experience something truly special.

You can board a Rhine river cruise line anywhere from about $200 – $500 per night per person, depending on your budget and style. River cruises on the Rhine typically last between 7-21 days.

The Danube River

If you’ve never had the luxury of cruising a European river before, the Danube has plenty to offer for first-time cruisers. Bustling cities full of historical significance, churches, castles, and government buildings constructed during some of the best eras in architecture, and breathtaking art to name just a few of the sights you’ll see while partaking of a cruise on the Danube. A few of the cities you’ll experience on this cruise include Vienna, Nuremberg, Passau, and Budapest. If possible, find a cruise with overnight stays in Vienna and Budapest as these cities have the most to do for first-time cruisers. Cruising the Danube is just as rewarding for repeat vacationers as it is for those on their first trip. It’s just not possible to take in everything that’s available in one go.

Danube river cruise prices fall in line with most of the European cruise costs at between $200 – $500 per person per night with a typical cruise lasting around 11 days.

The Rhone River

If you love fine dining and aged wine, then a European river cruise along the Rhone is the perfect way to spend your vacation time. Winding its way through much of France, the Rhone river takes you on a journey to romantic and culinary marvels like Lyon, Arles, and Avignon. Stop at several world-famous vineyards for exemplary wine tasting experiences, and enjoy the best in French cuisine made by France’s top chefs, all while cruising gently down the calm Rhone river.

Starting in the mid $100’s and moving up from there, you can secure a room on a number of Rhone river cruise lines and experience the best of what France has to offer. You can cruise the Rhone river in 7-16 days depending on the line you choose!

The Seine River

Want to combine the relaxation of a cruise with the adventure of the big city? Look no further than a cruise on the Seine. The highlight of cruising the Seine is a stop at the beautiful French capital of Paris. Here you can see the Eifel tower, visit the Louvre, walk through the Arch de Triumph, and experience the best France has to offer. If you’re more into old-fashioned coastal towns, this cruise has those too! If you love France, it’s hard to argue against a Seine river cruise in any way.

Seine river cruises range between the mid $200s and $500s per person per night and last anywhere from 8-18 days.

These 4 rivers are just a few of the many incredible European river cruise options out there but I’m sure you can already tell there are few experiences quite like these. Be sure to stay tuned because in our next blog post we’re going to give you 6 more European rivers for you to choose from.

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