power of manaEven though they’re hardly a substitute for the real thing, you can look at photographs of Tahiti and start to gather a pretty decent understanding of its unmatched beauty.

One thing we can’t capture and share with you—one thing you absolutely have to experience for yourself—is “Mana.”

A cornerstone of the French Polynesian culture of Tahiti, Mana is a life force—a spirit—that flows through all things.

Mana vibrates within everything you feel, taste, and see when you are in the Islands of Tahiti.

The word Mana has many translations: effectiveness, prestige, and most importantly, empowerment. In individuals, it refers specifically to a power that comes from within and thrives on calmness. Once a true feeling of calm has been achieved—a feat that is easily accomplished in such a perfectly tranquil environment—that calmness is then transformed into creativity and charisma that allow for an individual to flourish and for the Mana to go on to replenish itself.

You reap what you sow, and investing in your Mana empowers you to move mountains, so to speak. You’ll find it easier to speak with confidence, you’ll find it easier to live in the present moment and be one with your surroundings and find peace. Your charisma will be magnetic, attracting the same powerful, positive energy you emit.

How to Improve Your Mana

Practice meditation. Deep focused breathing and the intentional clearing of the mind is virtually a direct path to empowering calmness. Meditation also gives you the opportunity to clear out present worries in favor of envisioning how to make the best use of your mind, body, and life energy.

Check in on yourself. Take a beat to take stock of your energy. Are your thoughts and actions in line with those of your best self? How are the thoughts and actions of those you surround yourself with affecting your energy and experience? By taking a moment to evaluate your internal and external energy and making the appropriate adjustments, you’ll regain harmony with the universe allowing your Mana to flow more freely.

Whether you want to get your Mana flowing before your trip or want the power to come straight from the island itself, we can help you get there. Discover paradise with Greenville, SC’s Tahiti experts! Just schedule an appointment online or give us a call at (864) 979-0610 and we’ll share our expert insight and answer all your lingering questions.