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Why do I Need Travel Insurance?

So many times travelers may think, “Why do I need travel insurance? No matter what I am going to take this trip!”

Travel insurance is so much more than just “I’m going on this trip and I won’t need it”. You aways have to remember the  ‘what if’ scenario.

I always ask my clients these  questions…

…What if you get extremely sick right before you are about to leave?

…What if there’s a storm in the area or near your destination, causing your flight to be delayed or cancelled?

…What if a family member becomes ill or suddenly passes away?

…What if you are injured in an international destination and end up incurring hospital costs there? Your health insurance from home will not cover it.

We don’t like to think of any of these things. We want to think of our vacation as a getaway where we can relax and have fun. But all of these are real things that could happen to anyone, at any given moment.  We always need to think of the ‘what if’, and that’s where travel insurance comes in.

Travel insurance is a very important aspect of everyone’s vacation. It’s a great comfort to have, just knowing if something does happen – you’re covered.  Why wouldn’t you get travel insurance? Your vacation is an investment in you, an investment to relax and unwind and enjoy the world. Protect your investment with travel insurance. You’ll be thankful you did if the unexpected happens!

A Guide to Travel Protection