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“Traveling leaves you speechless. Then it turns you into a storyteller.” -Ibn Battuta

Every person’s definition of the perfect traveling experience will be totally unique. While some may be interested in simply going wherever the wind (and affordable plane tickets) take them, others are searching for specific destinations, experiences, and amenities for their journey.

At Journeys of a Lifetime, we don’t just plan a trip—we get to know you and what you’re hoping to get out of your traveling experience. We’ll speak with you about which places you’ve always wanted to see and what your ideal vacation looks and feels like. Then we’ll put together an itinerary that perfectly suits your style of travel.

Some of Our Travel Services Options Include

European Trips of a Lifetime

Have you always dreamed of a trip to Paris? Do you find yourself wishing you could learn to make pasta in Italy, enjoy Oktoberfest in Munich, or see the ancient ruins of castles and coliseums? Have you wondered what it’s like to tour the art scene in St. Paul de Vence as a VIP?

Consider our European itineraries! Build lasting and cherished memories while traveling through Europe totally stress-free and with all the arrangements ready before you take the first step off the plane.

Learn more about our European trips and get started booking your very own personalized European tour right here.

Luxury Ocean, River, and Small Ship Cruises

A cruise is one of the only vacations where you can fall asleep in one country and wake up somewhere totally new! With cruise companies rapidly expanding in variety and options, now is the perfect time to book your cruise vacation!

We’re dedicated to designing an ideal cruise vacation that suits your travel style, so we offer the following options:

  • Ocean cruises can take you throughout the Caribbean, to Europe, and beyond. Enjoy exciting offshore excursions and activities, plus excellent cuisine and other activities on-board for the ideal easy vacation and adventure! Perfect for groups and the whole family!
  • River cruises tend to move at a slower pace. With smaller ships overall, longer trip times, and more stops included in the itinerary, a river cruise is the perfect choice for those who want a “cruise” feel alongside a more intimate and meaningful experience. Perfect for couples and small groups looking for a vacation that allows for a more authentic personal touch at each and every destination.
  • Does your ideal cruise vacation include personalized butler service, a small crew-to-passenger ratio, and truly exotic and far-flung destinations? A luxury cruise may be just what you’ve been dreaming of! With onboard enrichment programs and elegant staterooms, you’ll receive true luxury treatment for your travel experience.
  • For a truly personalized experience, small ship cruises are second-to-none. With ships carrying as few as 36 passengers at a time, you can travel to see the Northern Lights in Norway, go snorkeling in Hawaii, travel up the cost of Maine, and many more.

Check out our cruises page to learn more, or just click here to get started booking your ideal cruise vacation today!

All-Inclusive Resorts

When you’re hoping for a vacation that is all about relaxation, an all-inclusive resort may be the perfect choice. Don’t worry about finding restaurants or making arrangements to rent a car or locate a driver—every meal is included with your accommodations!

You’ll be able to enjoy on-site entertainment including comedy shows, live music, wellness facilities, and other activities right there in the resort. Excursions like snorkeling, hiking, and other activities can be easily arranged, or you can simply spend the day by the pool, feeling every worry and care melt away.

Many all-inclusive resorts are family-friendly, with activities right onsite to keep younger family members entertained and active, or you can choose a resort designed specifically for smaller groups or couples looking for a quiet getaway.

When you book your all-inclusive resort vacation with Journeys of a Lifetime Travel, we’ll take care of every detail to build the perfect stress-free vacation for you.

Adventure Travel

For some, a vacation isn’t truly a vacation unless it provides out-of-the-box thrills and heart-pounding adventure. If your idea of travel is less “relax by the pool” and more “kayak the Adriatic,” our adventure travel options might be just what you’ve been searching for.

Leave your everyday routine behind and hike active volcanoes, take two-wheel tours of Italy, explore sea caves, and more.

If pushing yourself to your limits is where you find deep personal growth, just click here to book your adventure travel vacation today.

Villa Rentals

Is vacation less about short-term cruise or hotel accommodations and more about staying where you can truly feel right at home in a brand new place? Enjoy the cost-effective and versatile benefits of renting an apartment, home, or villa while you travel!

Whether it’s a treehouse in Puerto Rico, a villa in Tuscany, or an apartment in Paris, we can help you book a vacation rental that can provide a secluded place to relax at the end of the day, or help you save money for larger group vacations where hotel costs would start to really add up over time.

Live like a local wherever you roam with vacation rentals from Journeys of a Lifetime. Just click right here to learn more.

Group Travel: Multigenerational, Continuing Education, and More

“Group travel” covers a lot of ground when it comes to planning out travel and vacations. Whether you’re a member of a professional or educational group looking to attend conferences or gain important educational experience, you’re traveling with family members of all ages, you’re interested in a trip for a bachelorette party or other women-only vacation plan, or you’re hoping to use exciting travel opportunities as a professional incentive or fundraising opportunity, we can help!

There are special benefits to group travel, from getting to know everyone in a whole new way, to enjoying lower cost-per-person on certain activities with group rates, to saving money on professional travel.

Let us help you design the group travel vacation of your dreams! Just click here to get started.

At Journeys of a Lifetime Travel, we’re not just here to click a few boxes and build a cookie-cutter vacation. We’ll get to know you and your ideal travel dreams, putting together a personalized vacation experience that perfectly suits who you are. Fill out the form below to request a trip, or schedule an appointment to speak with a travel professional who can help you pull together an itinerary with just the right combination of cultural experiences and sightseeing to feed your soul, and enough downtime and relaxation to rejuvenate your mind.

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