river cruising viewsMore and more people are choosing river cruises over traditional ocean cruises—and we’re not sure we blame them! While you truly can’t go wrong either way, there are some perks that are unique to river cruising—perks we’re sure you’re certain to fall in love with.

For example, you can:

Experience Luxury Amenities

This is one of the areas where ocean cruises and river cruises differ the most. While ocean cruise liners have bigger, flashier amenities (onboard movie theaters and skydiving simulators, for example), river cruise liners have more relaxed, luxury amenities.

River cruise amenities are more along the lines of:

  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Multiple tours and excursion options at every port all included in your cruise fare
  • Self-serve snack and beverage stations
  • Fitness centers
  • Sun-deck pools with swim-up bars
  • In-room massages
  • Higher staff-to-guest ratios
  • Daily cocktail hours
  • Private butler service
  • Rental bicycles available for on-shore excursions
  • And more!

All of this in addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner all prepared daily by world-class chefs, premier staterooms with panoramic views and hotel amenities, and superior service from all onboard staff and off-board tour guides.

Pick Your Passion

Ocean cruises are great because they’re pretty general-interest. After all, who wouldn’t love unlimited access to water parks, Broadway shows, nightclubs, fitness centers, and more on the way to the real vacation?! But if you’re looking for something more fulfilling, no amount of onboard casinos can fill that void.

River cruises have a bit less to do on-ship, but they offer more in-depth itineraries for your off-ship experiences, and that level of cultural immersion attracts an entirely different crowd—which is probably in your favor. Because the way these cruises are themed and structured, you’ll be on board with people who share similar interests and passions with you; interests and passions that speak to the very essence of who you are as a person.

That passion may be food, wine, fitness, flowers, or something else entirely, but regardless, there’s a river cruise out there that’s bound to help you check a couple things off your bucket list.

Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

Speaking of cultural immersion, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience the local flair of the countries and cities you’re visiting with multiple tour and excursion options in each port-of-call!

Each stop has several different activities for you to choose from, all lead by experienced tour guides that have standing partnerships with the cruise lines, so you’ll always be able to find something that speaks to your interests. As river cruises are all-inclusive, all of the predetermined tours and excursions have already been paid for in your trip fare! 

The excursions vary greatly from port-to-port, cruise line-to-cruise line, and country-to-country, but there’s simply no way you can go wrong.

Though if none of the pre-planned adventures speak to you, you’re always free to strike out on your own to create your own itinerary!

Do as Much or as Little as You Want

Whether you want to stay on the same schedule as your fellow cruisers, branch out on your own to pack as much as you can into a day, or skip a tour or two to take an afternoon nap, you’re free to spend your time exactly how you want—just listen to your mind, body, and spirit and let them lead the way. This is your vacation and you need to do whatever it takes to relax and rejuvenate so you can return to the real world as the best version of yourself.

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